SAINT-EMILION Learning Business Trip 24 Septembre 2023

Learning Business trip in Saint-Emilion education program 

The Learning Business Trip is made of e-learning part including 3 hours video, evaluations (2 quizz) and 1 day in Saint Emilion : The students will visit 1 “chateau” including wine tasting sessions.

During e-learning sessions students will work in autonomy.

The first video is designed to introduce participants to the field of Bordeaux wines. They will have a clear understanding of the history of Bordeaux wines, the different appellations of importance, the grape varieties, the terroir as well as the production and labeling specifications. They will also be introduced to the commercial structure of the Bordeaux wine industry with its various components and their functions. This will result in a thorough understanding of the functioning of the Bordeaux wine industry..

The second video is devoted to the study of the value proposition of Bordeaux “Grands Crus Classés”. The value is based on rarity, high quality and desirability. The training identifies within each wine region of the Gironde the most prestigious wines. It shows where the exception and high quality of these wines lies. It analyzes”Grands Crus Classés” pricing strategies.

Thus the learner will be able to identify the springs of the move upmarket of wines towards luxury.

When in Saint Emilion, the students will visit  wineyard, Chateau ROZIER owned by Saby Family in Saint Emilion(Saint Laurent des combes) : Lecturer,  person with delegation or sometimes “Chateau owner” will speak about History, the description of the terroir and the influence of the climate.  This information will allow the learner with good understanding of “Bordeaux grand cru” singularity.  Later in the day, the group will visit the city of Saint Emilion.

Lunch is included and will take place in restaurant in Saint-Emilion.

This day is also good opportunity for learners to share their own experience with others, ask for questions to the trainers.

A review will take place at the end of the day with all the participants.

The appointment is TALENCE Downtown – TRAM Arrêt FORUM at 9:00.

Learning session type

Blended Learning


12.00 hours (including  3 hours e-learning in self-education)

Students profile

  • Sales wine industry manager who need to know Bordeaux wine specificities
  • Students
  • Wine enthusiasts
  • Tourism professionals
  • Future professionals in the wine industry


  • Adults only (>18 ans). No prerequisite

Accessibilité des personnes en situation de handicap

FLBS wants all the services are awailable for all. Person with disability can contact FLBS sending mail to

The FLBS manager is in charge of analysing any situation. He will systematically propose solution to fix any issue.

Training access time

(This is the waiting period between registration and the start of the training)

10 days

Quality et kpi 

The satisfaction rate is mentioned in the trainer’s charter presented to learners at the beginning of the session. Each training module contains a satisfaction index based on the results of the satisfaction tests filled in by the learners at the end of the session..

 Objectifs pédagogiques du Learning business Trip

  • To get knowledge and curiosity in the field of wine
  • Knowing how to talk about terroir, landscape, human expertise
  • Know the challenges in terms of environmental preservation, sustainable development, management of rural areas and safeguarding cultural heritage.
  • Understand the history of wine in Bordeaux
  • Discover the main appellations and sub-regions and their characteristics.
  • Get to know the different components of the wine trade in Bordeaux
  • To understand the different appellations in the Bordeaux wine region
  • To get an in-depth of the different ranking systems of Bordeaux wines
  • To apprehend the impact of the ranking system on an economic and notoriety perspective

Saint-Emilion Learning business Trip education content

    • History of Bordeaux
    • Wine regions and appellations
      • Types of soils
      • Grape varieties and terroir
      • Characteristics
    • Structure of the Bordeaux wine industry
      • Classification
      • Production
      • Trade
      • Roles
    • Future prospects and evolution
    • Introduction of Bordeaux wine landscape
    • Understanding the difference between appellations and ranking
    • Left bank appellation & ranking
      • Medoc appellations and ranking system (“1855 Grand Crus Classés”, “Crus Bourgeois in Médoc”
      • Ranking of 1855 – Sauternes
      • Graves & Pessac-Léognan
    • Right bank appellation & ranking
      • Saint Emilion Appellations & Ranking
      • Pomerol – odd man out
    • Impact of the ranking system on an economic and notoriety perspective
      • wine price
      • land price
      • notoriety
  • September 24th day summary
        • Quick review
        • France Luxe Business School presentation
        • Teacher and students round table
        • Discution about E-learning sessions, Questions/Answers, Objectives of the day
    • Visite of Chateau ROZIER owned by SABY Family, discution and exchanges with the wineyard actors
      • Présentation of the wineyard
      • Wineyard specificity, the terroir and the grape varieties grown
      • Winemaking technics
      • Cellar
      • Questions/Answers with the wineyard manager
    • Red and white vines tasting
      • Tasting ritual, the language of wine
      • Tasting comments sharing time
    • Summary of the visit
      • Questions/Answers and comments time
    • Lunch in Saint-Emilion in restaurant “La table 38”
      • This is also good opportunity to share wine and French food experience. What wine to be drunk with food?
      • Exchange between students and teachers about Saint Emilion wines
    • Visit Saint-Emilion, history, heritage…
      • Free time
    • Time to fill the forms and survey
    • FLBS to give Certificates for students who succeed the training

Saint Emilion Learning Business Trip organisation

FLBS team

Bertrand Blancheton, full professor of economics in Bordeaux University, luxury economics experts. Author of numerous books on luxury wines and spirits.

Claude MANSART, France Luxe Business School Manager, graduated with a master’s degree in computer science from Bordeaux university.

Educational and technical means

  • Internet references, books
  • Presentation loaded in the FLBS plateform
  • Good internet connection needed

Monitoring evaluation results

  • Self assessment and Quizz
  • Electronic Signing-Off from the FLBS plateform
  • Live exchanges with the trainer who will evaluate the good progress of the participants
  • Satisfaction survey

Saint-Emilion Learning business Trip price

Total price (excluding taxes) per student : 150€

Total price all taxes included per student : 180€